All you need to know about- Food products Label Printing in Chennai?

When it comes to food production in India, the food manufacturers work does not end with finalizing food product. Labelling the product is a mandatory process before heading it to distribution. The Indian U.S. Food and Drug Administration governs the labelling of food products and regulations. So, labelling plays a vital role in food production. In this article, we are going to see the importance and other things related to food labelling in India.

Why is food product label printing important?

Labelling is not as easy as just naming the product. There are numerous things involved in food label printing. Labelling is divided into three categories, principal display panel, right display panel, and left display panel.

Principal Display Panel:

The principal display is the part where customers see when the product is displayed on the shelf. The display contains the product name and the logo. The name of the product can be of any visible size that makes your brand recognizable. Other than brand name make sure that your principal label also contains product name, product claims, product identification, net weight, and other important information.

Right Display Panel:

The right side display panel contains the nutrition labels and ingredients added. It also includes the place where the product manufactured, the contact number, and UPC code.

Left Display Panel:

The left display panel is quite similar to black canvas. This is the best place where you can add additional information relevant to your product. Here are a couple of things that can be added to make the panel interesting.

How to use the product

Let people know how to use the product with other ingredients, general taste and the best combination of the product with other food products.

Product information

If you would like to expand the food product information, then you can likely use this space and let customers know. This can help to increase the authority and trustworthiness of the brand.

Social Media

Mention your social media icons in the label to let people know your social media presence. This will help people know more about your brand and other food products you manufacture.

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