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Why do Nepal, Bangladesh, and other Asian Countries Choose India for their label printing solutions?

While there are numerous global label printing companies hail from across the globe, most businesses prefer to get their labels exported from India. The prime reason for that is that the Indian market offers the highest quality of labels and raw materials at affordable prices. India is gifted with natural resources of paper, and cardboard as well as has diverse chemical and printing industries. Having decades of experience and an Indian sticker exporting company, Sai Impression has creative, effective, and economical label printing solutions your business requires.

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Let’s now look at the import/export stats of Asian countries like Nepal and Bangladesh, they are the top importers of Indian stickers and labels.


We have interesting statistics on Nepal labeling solutions imports. Nepal is the largest importer of labels. It accounts for 1.5K shipments a year to 206 Nepal sticker companies. And the majority of orders are given to Indian label manufacturers.

A big chunk of Sai Impression’s global clientele has Nepal label businesses and other industries.

HSN (HSN stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature) codes of the products that Nepal printing companies and other businesses have the highest demand for.

1. HSN Code 48211020 : HS : printed: label

2. HSN Code 48211090 : HS : printed: other

3. HSN Code 48219090 : HS : other

Sai Impression gets frequent orders from Nepal for Barcode Labels, Thermal Labels, Direct Thermal Label, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Printed Labels, Roll Labels, Non-adhesive synthetic tags, pharma labels & Product labels.

These labels are high in demand. But it’s not limited just to that. You name it and we can deliver the labels you require.


Bangla label makers and label tag packaging in Bangladesh are prominent, thanks to India. They, like Nepal, have grand imports. Let’s have a look at what label factories in Dhaka and Bangladesh imports more.

Bangladesh surpasses Nepal with a whopping 2.6K shipments a year from 93 suppliers. Such a high number of imports majorly fulfills the demand for self-adhesive labels.

HSN codes of the products that Bangla printing companies have the highest demand for,

1. HSN Code 48219090 : HS : other

2. HSN Code 39199010 : HS : other: plastic stickers, whether or not printed, embossed, or impregnated

3. HSN Code 48211020 : HS : printed: labels

Our top exports to Bangladesh include Thermal labels, Labels for spare parts of heavy-duty vehicles, Tyre labels, Designer labels, Barcode Labels, Direct Thermal Label, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Printed Labels, Roll Labels, Non-adhesive synthetic tags, pharma labels, Product labels and a lot more.

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