Top 11 Best Label Manufacturing & Exporting Companies in India

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Packaging labels is an integral part of getting your consumer goods out in the market, which amps up the need of impeccable and innovative Packaging label supplying companies. Labels contain valuable information about the product and is a must-have for consumer products around the globe.

On making a purchase, the label is what catches the consumer’s eye and it takes accuracy and creativity to draw a purchaser’s attention in helping with purchase decisions. Hence, brands across verticals focus on the efficacy of product labels. Especially in India, package labels is a huge market and is almost sought after by everyone from home-grown businesses to enterprises for packaging products.

Top 10 Branded Packaging Label Suppliers in India

If you are on the hunt for the best label manufacturing companies in the country, here is a complete list of top 10 labeling experts who will make your work easy in product package labeling.

Known for its customized labeling solutions, Sai Impression is one of the most trusted custom labels manufacturers in India and serves across industries such as Food & Beverage, cosmetics, retail and logistics, pharma sector, Toy Industry and much more.

1. Sai Impression

Sai Impression

It also specializes in container labels, environment labels, and speciality labels among others. The company exports worldwide and has a wide clientele base, marking its footprints in countries across the globe.

Some of the Key Highlights of SaiImpression:

  • Over a decade of experience in producing quality packaging labels
  • Known for its flexo graphic printing and digital label printing
  • Renowned label and sticker manufacturers across verticals
  • Accepts both high volume and low volume label orders
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2. Oviyam Labels

A global specialty packaging pioneer, Oviyam Labels is the fast growing label and stickers manufacturing company and provides innovative solutions to the Home & Personal Care, Premium Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Specialty, Automotive & Durables and Consumer markets worldwide.

Some of the Key Highlights of Oviyam Labels

  • 15+ Years of Experience in Printing Quality Labels
  • Diverse range of Quality Labels
  • Smooth exporting service globally
  • No hidden prices
  • 10M+ Labels printed
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3. JK Labels

JK Labels

Located in Mumbai, JK Labels is one of India’s most popular printed label and sticker manufacturers serving a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, consumer electronics, automotive labels, etc.

The company also specializes in more modern and new-age stickers such as that of security hologram labels, environmental friendly, thermal and freeze proof labels that are used in several consumer goods of today. JK Label has a huge client base and a number of certifications to its value.

JK Labels is known for its

  • Fine quality labels
  • Modern and sustainable infrastructure
  • Diverse range of labeling solutions for varied verticals
  • Specialists in self-adhesive packaging label manufacturing

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4. Dino Label Digital

A premium label brand based in Gurgaon, Dino Label Digital is an online platform that offers packaging labels and tapes in a number of shapes and sizes that covers industries including beauty & hygiene, clothing & apparel, food & beverages and health sectors. Everything from color, design, and appeal of your labels can be customized and placed an order online in quick, easy steps.

Dino Label stands out in

  • Delivering glass jar/ bottle, outer box and flexible pouch labels
  • Manufacturing labels of any shape
  • Including self-adhesive and sustainable paper materials
  • Ensuring ease of ordering

5. Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule

Originally based in New York, Sticker Mule is a sticker, label, magnets, packaging, and T-shirt manufacturing company that works remotely across 17 countries including India. It ships custom orders worldwide and has partnered with large brands globally.

When it comes to label manufacturing, Sticker Mule offers a wide spectrum of styles such as clear roll labels, circle sheet labels, square roll labels, die cut sheet labels, etc. With “label anything” as its tagline, Sticker Mule promises premium labels that are ideal for a multitude of businesses.

Sticker Mule delivers,

  • Quality products with unique printing technology
  • With faster turnaround times
  • Designing, tracing, and drawing tools on its online platform

6. Duralabel

Duralabel Graphics Pvt. Ltd was incepted in 2007, headquartered in Mumbai and is one of the best product label manufacturers in India. They offer a unique range of labeling solutions in the country (blank label, paper label , filmic label, printed label, chemical label, speciality label, etc).

It caters innovative solutions for a large collection of stickers, barcode printers, and wristbands. Stickers from Duralabel has applications in pharma, consumer durables, hotels and beverages, and storage and packaging industries.

Duralabel impresses clients with

  • Years of expertise in label manufacturing
  • Designing and delivering new-age stickers and labels
  • Best-of-the-kind infrastructure to cater to a number of industries
  • Commitment to providing quality labels for product packaging

7. S.A. Packaging

S.Anand Packaging Pvt Ltd is a well-renowned and trusted label manufacturer of brand packaging and designing self-adhesive labels. Based in Uttar Pradesh, it caters to a multitude of labeling solutions, serving startups, SMBs, and large enterprises belonging to beauty and personal care, food and beverage, healthcare, consumer durables. S.A. Packaging also manufactures other promotional labels for scratch cards, labels, shelf strips and posters.

S.A. Packaging specializes,

  • Adhesive, partial adhesive, transfer, multi-layer, dry peel labels
  • In high-quality products at cost-effective prices
  • Barcode labels/ battery labels/scratch cards/ QR code labels/ wine labels,etc

8. Holostik

Holostik is another major label manufacturer in India that uses 4th gen holography to deliver high-quality security labels that helps brands prevent duplication of their products. Holostik leverages anti-copy and anti-counterfeit tools and technologies to keep brand duplication at bay. It is a Noida-based firm whose prime focus is serving brands with fully secure packaging labels.

Holostick offers

  • Leverages world-class machinery
  • Is GS-1 compliant
  • Houses a unique range of secured label designs
  • Utilizes nano optical holographic images for labeling

9. Lotus Labels

They are one of the reputed labeling experts headquartered in Haryana that excels in woven labels for a number of use cases namely garment tags, rigid laces, school badges,footwear pasting labels, among others manufactured with exceptional production units. Lotus Labels also specializes in self-adhesive and heat transfer labels.

Lotus Labels offers

  • Ensures quality woven labels
  • Provides allergen-free labels most suitable for textile industries
  • Uses Switzerland-based machinery
  • Promises feasible turn around times

10. Multipack Labels

India’s leading consumer products label manufacturers, Multipack Labels customize and export packaging labels across the globe for beverages, food packaging, industrial products, pet products, etc . The Ahmedabad based company  is also a supplier of other label printing equipment such as automatic wad/ liner machines and shrink sleeve applicator.

Multipack Labels offers

  • High quality labels for a broad spectrum of consumer durables
  • Labeling services worldwide
  • Other labeling necessities like induction/ pressure sensitive seal liner & wads

11. Orianaa

Orianaa Decorpack Pvt Ltd has a legacy in printing with exclusiveness in flexographic and Rotogravure machines, and trusts in the concept of packnology. It has its own design studio and offers labeling services in a variety of forms like shrink sleeve labels, PS sticker labels, heat sticker labels, stretch labels, etc. Orianaa has its headquarters in Vadodara, Gujarat, and is the best label explorers in India.

Orianaa stands out in

  • Delivering rotographic and flexographic solutions
  • Holding 30+ years of experience
  • Manufacturing in-mould labels, stretch labels & speciality labels
  • Ensuring zero defect practice

In Summary

India houses some of the top certified label manufacturers and packaging sticker suppliers across the length and breadth of the country. In this writeup, we have clubbed some of the best in the industry which would be of great help to several consumer durable brands and other applications that require the need of quality labels for different use cases in their everyday sale.

Moreover, with more stringent guidelines about the need for labeling across markets, the demand for reputed and industry-reliant packaging labeling service providers has only increased over time.

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