Why Should You Choose India To Get Your Packaging Labels Exported?


Are you interested in importing labels from India? We reveal many secrets about why India should choose to export labels from many popular brands!

We hear you! Rising competition in the market has lowered the price points and any company would want to cut down on the production cost to attain a good profit margin. Well, it’s quite possible if you save on costly packaging and labeling services. It’s possible by getting them exported and that too from countries like India where you can get them at super affordable prices.

Why India for your packaging label needs?

Bangladesh, Nepal, and other some other countries are already benefiting from Indian label export businesses. However, if you’re a business outside of India and unaware of the fact that India exports labels globally, why you too should choose Indian exporters, keep reading.

  • Resourcefulness

India is a global agricultural powerhouse. Moreover, it is the second largest producer of crops like sugarcane, whose by-product, Bagasse, can be used for paper and cardboard making. That’s not all. India is the top producer of Jute and Bamboo, which are used for paper making.

In a nutshell, abundancy of raw material contributes to making packaging labels cheaper than any other countries in the world.

  • Labor

India has almost half of its population in working age. That makes the country with the highest labor pool across the globe. What’s more? The minimum wages are significantly lesser than the most countries.

All in all, cheap labor further contributes in lowering costs of packaging labels.

  • Top notch qualtiy

One more reason to import packaging labels from India is superior quality of the product. This factor is crucial for your business as you should never compromise on the quality. While Indian labor is cheap, they are more skilled than ever now.

Since the demand for beauty, skincare, electronics, ready-to-eat food, food products, pharma products, has increased in India, the industries have evolved to meet the demand for labels and stickers for all the products.

Cutting edge printing technology and machiaries are being used to ensure scaled production with the utmost quality. Not only that, the market has to fulfill the requirement for labeling of imported goods in India.

This also means that more and more Indian label businesses are competing to provide their services that again keeps the price point lowered.

Expansion of Labeling industry in India

There were 22 label roll presses in India in 2017. The number has risen to 51 in the year 2022. The CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) is 18%, highest than ever for printing Industry. In fact, India is favorite for FDI across the world! That said, more foreing companies are leveraging India’s economic growth and to invest in Indian label export business.

A competitive and growing market potentially offers economic label printing and exporting services for all your packaging needs.

Statistics of India in delivering packaging labels

India has exported printing labels worth over 15.2 million USD in the year 2020–21 so far. Below are the types of labels the country exports.

The total volume of Indian label export in 2020–2021 (Apr-Nov) was around 6867368. The top exports of Indian packaging label businesses are:

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Food labels
  • Paper printed labels
  • Woven labels
  • PVC labels
  • Safty and logistics label
  • Barcode and serial number labels
  • Coupon labels
  • Energy labels
  • Chemical labels

Conclusively, it’d be the wisest decision to choose India to get your packaging labels exported for excellent product and services at super affordable rates.

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